Vastar is the Lord of the Skies, keeping watch over the vast firmament of Achaea. Brought into existence as an Elder God, He is known to have partaken in the Battle of Nishnatoba against the Triumvirate, and is the spiritual father of the Atavian race, having created them ages ago.

Vastar is known as an enigmatic, yet supportive God, teaching His followers to pursue their goals, to fulfill their dreams, and finally to find their path to true self-realisation. He is also known for His impartial attitudes towards all beings in existence, never favouring a being simply for its offspring or origin over another. However, those who seek His Patronship must be consummately devoted to their goals and dreams to be accepted into His Divine Order.

Freedom is one of Vastar's core tenets, though His definition of it transcends that which is normally given unto it by mortal minds. His Order exists as the Skylord's living example of this tenet, individuals united with an uncanny knack to bring out the best from themselves in order to reach their aims and desires.

Dwelling upon the Eternal Wind, the Endless Sky, and the Levin of Thunder, the Skylord embraces scholars, craftswomen and -men as well as warriors with the same empathy, giving His Disciples free space to develop themselves as they wish.

The Divine Symbols of Vastar include a stylised whirlwind of silver on a field of white, a sapphire falcon with extended wings, and a glowing spiral of silver on a cerulean background.