Tsol'aa are the eldest of the mortal races, having been created in the distant past by Proteus and Daedalus. Lithe and given to deep thought, the arts, and magic, they originate from their racial home in a massive redwood forest. The Tsol'aa have two cousin races, the Tsol'teth and the Tsol'dasi. The story of this racial split is told on the History page. The Tsol'teth are malevolent and are the terror of the underground depths. Only a single Tsol'dasi has been seen in millenia, and that during the Death's Heart crisis.

A Tsolaa's base statistics are:

  • Strength 11
  • Dexterity 13
  • Intelligence 15
  • Constitution 10


  • Have a racial language, Tsol'aa.
  • Regenerate willpower, level 1

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