The trolls are a race of larger-than-human humanoids who are the result of interbreeding between some members of an alien race that fought in the Chaos Wars and human women. They are tall and powerful, and their skin has a rather grayish tone to it.

A Troll's base statistics are:

  • Strength 15
  • Dexterity 10
  • Intelligence 8
  • Constitution 15


  • Have a racial language, Troll.
  • Have level 1 resistance to cutting damage.
  • Have level 2 resistance to cold.
  • Have a level 1 resistance to electricity.
  • Have level 2 health regeneration.
  • Have level 3 susceptibility to fire.
  • Have level 1 slower balance.
  • Have level 1 slower equilibrium.
  • Have a level 2 stun advantage.