Leader Silas
Patron Pentharian
Tutor Averroes
Guardian Gyronny
Allies Jaru
Enemies none
Houses Empyreal Assembly, Templars, Crystalline Circle, Dawnstriders, Sentaari

Shallam, Jewel of the EastEdit

Shallam, known as the "Jewel of the East", situated upon the base of the Pash Valley, is known primarily as the City of Light, the Beacon of all those rallying under the banners of Good and Justice against the Chaos of Ashtan and the Evil of Mhaldor. First founded as a small village under the guidance of Sahart and his followers, Shallam grew into a centre of art, culture, fellowship (in the form of five Houses), and the illustrious Church.

The CityEdit

Shallam is built upon the ideals of Compassion, Justice, Light, Truth, and Righteousness, and her citizens strive to live to these values. The City also has very notable architecture; Shallam is called the Jewel of the East partly because of gilded domes that catch and radiate light all around the city.

The City is home to five Houses: the Empyreal Assembly, an order of Priests pledged to serve the Gods of Good and the Holy Church; the Templars, a House of Paladins founded to protect the innocent and to serve justice; the Crystalline Circle, a Magi House that sought to advance the causes of Good and Order; the Dawnstriders, a House of Serpents that have turned from darkness to embrace the light; and the Sentaari, the benevolent House that attempts to change the world for the better.