Mhaldor, the "city of evil" is located in the Baelgrim Fortress in the far West of Sapience on an island.

The city ranks are:

  1. Slave
  2. Troni
  3. Dynamis
  4. Dominion
  5. Archai
  6. Exsusiai
  7. Council: Viceroys
  8. Ruler: Tyrannus

Mhaldor was the site for a battle between Gods; the Divine Alliance and Sartan the "Malevolent One". Sartan was defeated at the Baelgrim Fortress where his supporters rallied and today Mhaldor is also the home to Sartan's followers.

Mhaldor can be a dangerous place to non-citizens. Visitors are not protected by any law and can risk their lives or lose them when in Mhaldor. Mhaldor houses Sapience's most dangerous and evil creatures and it is advised to avoid it when not a Mhaldorian.

Mhaldorians obtain somewhat of an enemy status outside of their city. The people of Sapience remember the war and the evil housed in Mhaldor and do not respect Mhaldorians simply for their association with the city and its reputation.

Mhaldorian citizens are not permitted to join any Order besides the Lord of Evil's if they do join an Order. It is home to houses such as the Knights of Evil, the Maldaathi.