Kaido is a skill with two main parts to it. The first part, comprising the lower abilities, consist of an assortment of defensive abilities that rely on bodily control, such as automatic mana regeneration, healing your limbs by force of will, and so on. The higher abilities relate to the use of Kai energy. After you have built up Kai energy by being near violent actions, you may use the Kai abilities, which are extremely powerful.

Weathering - Increase your ability to weather damage.
Vitality - Call upon a rush of adrenaline to heal you.
Sturdiness - Standing firm against attempts to move you.
Toughness - Increased resistance to physical attacks.
Deaf - Blocking out sound by force of will.
Hearing - Restoring your hearing.
Clotting - Reduce the level of your bleeding.
Regeneration - Regain health through strength of mind.
Sight - Restoring your sight.
Blind - Blinding yourself to prevent optical damage.
Resistance - Reduce the damage taken from magical attacks.
Nightsight - Gain the ability of infravision.
Fitness - Controlling your breathing.
Restoration - Healing damaged limbs by force of will.
Projectiles - Avoiding many projectiles.
Dodging - Avoiding attacks from the sky.
Constitution - Maintaining your intestinal equilibrium.
Splitting - Constant meditation by splitting your consciousness.
Breathing - Holding your breath.
Consciousness - The ability to stay conscious at all times.
Immunity - Immunity from most poisons.
Boosting - Increasing your rate of regeneration.
Transmute - Instantly convert mana into health.
Numbness - Delaying the effects of damage.
KaiTrance - Entering the mystical Kai Trance.
KaiChoke - Crush a victim's windpipe remotely.
KaiCripple - Cripple your target completely.
KaiHeal - Healing yourself with Kai energy.
KaiBanish - Temporarily banish your victim from time itself.
KaiBoost - Increase your receptiveness to Kai energy.
Enfeeble - Unleash a massive blast of kai energy at your opponent.
Deliverance - Grant your enemies release from this mortal coil.