Getting Started You may want to create a wikicity account to begin editing in the Achaea wiki. At the top right of your screen it will say "Create an account or login." You can edit under a username or, if you do not sign up for one, your computer's IP address will show as the author.


Before you create or edit any articles, you should click the "Random Page" link on the menu to the left of the screen. You can see the basis for articles and get an idea of the format in which they are written. You can also edit a random page you find.

To edit an article, click the link at the tab at the top of the article page that says "Edit". You will be presented with an empty box upon which you can type information into it. There are some helpful tips on what you can put into the editing area. To see what you can insert into it, see Editing help.

Tool BarEdit

The tool bar at the top of the edit page has little icons for editing. You can test and play around with what they do over at the Sandbox page.

Creating a New ArticleEdit

Simply search for the article in the search box. If it doesn't exist, a link will appear that says "Create an article with this title". Click that and you can start editing in a new page. After saving, your article page will be created.


All content must be related or associated with or to the Achaea rpg online game. Any off topic information will be a candidate for deletion.

See AlsoEdit

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