Leader Darknight Sioraiocht-Sar'vet
Patron Lord Pandemonium, God of Strife
Tutor Epicurus
Guardian The Zarathustran Eagle
Allies Thera, Petra, Rucktawn, Sanda, Gyrog, Bagorni
Enemies none
Houses Occultists, Shadowsnakes, Warlocks, Ashura

A city located in Northwestern on the continent of Sapience.

The city ranks are:

  1. Plebian
  2. Equite
  3. Centurion
  4. Patrician/Matrician
  5. Consul
  6. Praetor
  7. Council: Archons
  8. Ruler: Overseer

Ashtan is known for its location near the Sapphire Ocean and its nearness to the Sangre Plains.

Ashtan is reknown for its emphasis on individuality in freedom and character. The citizens are remarkably free-spirited.

Ashtani are known to be involved in governmental policies and neighboring cities' conflicts. The Pillars of Ashtan have the city's laws inscribed upon them and are located by the city's gates. The law is simple and only covers the well-being of its citizens.

In the past, Ashtan has served as home to some of the most famous people of Achaean history. Noted celebrities of the past include King Tephicles, King Martin, noted fighter Zarathustra , genius Emmett Bowing, founder Glanos and Servelan de Vermiis. Now Ashtan is currently the base for many Houses such as:

  • Occultists,
  • Shadowsnakes
  • Warlocks
  • Ashura monks

Ashtan serves as a great city of people who have rejected their former lives, cities, or houses for Ashtan's unique offer of limitless freedom and expression.

Despite the rather unstructured nature of Ashtan and the general tendency of the citizens to seem unreliable or unstable, Ashtan is remarkable in terms of response to threats. While Ashtani may infight and dislike each other, when an outside force threatens Ashtan you can easily expect an overwhelming response. Add this to the fact that Ashtan is home to a large number of Dragons and many of the greatest combatants in Achaea, and the city is considered quite powerful.

Ashtan is historically at least friendly with Mhaldor, while historical relations between Ashtan and Shallam tend to be strained at best. As of late it usually only requires that an Ashtani approach Shallam to cause them to be labeled an enemy of the city. This brings great danger to any Ashtani foolish enough to enter the city, which usually leads to a large attack on that person to eject them from town. Ashtani must be cautious when going near this dangerous and dedicated foe.

The short fuse on most Ashtani means that you will usually only get one warning about killing adventurers or creatures belonging to adventurers of Ashtan before you are marked to be re educated the hard way on what it means to endanger the citizens of this northern city.