Revealed together with Aurora, soon joined with Shaitan in a perfect combination as Sartan, accustomed both to unquestioned rule and complete agreement with His co-ruler, Apollyon, the Suffering has only recently emerged from His sublimation as part of Sartan into full independence and separate being. He retains a remarkably intimate link with Shaitan, alongside whom He labours towards Their joint ends.

The losses He suffered during the initial absorption are unutterably deep. As a permanent token of those sufferings, and as a means to more complete mastery, Apollyon has taken on The Ultimate Wounding. Apollyon's suffering taught Him much of introspection, indirection, subtlety, manipulation, and mental control.

The Suffering God is sought by many, though truly apprehended by few. His presence is widespread, though almost impossible to discern. So also are His followers. Let those who comprehend this mystery fashion their approach to Apollyon accordingly.